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Love, Business & Health - Live your Highest Potential

Just imagine: You are full of joy and regardless of your life's circumstances, the joy inside you cannot be diminished. At night you fall thankfully asleep and awaken fresh and full of energy the following morning. You are at peace with yourself and approach life's challenges with wisdom and a relaxed attitude. You are in a happy relationship and possess a wonderful radiance because you have arrived in yourself. You live your passion, are successful and love what you do. You follow your destiny and live the greatest and most beautiful life that you are able to live. You know the universal laws of success, love and energy and know how to live without problems. You are focused and reach your goals with joy and without a fight, allowing your talents to unfold and serve the world.

Even though it is possible for you, for all of us, you lack this lightness, this inner or material freedom? Why should only a small number of people live in liberated consciousness? Why not you? You get all of my experience from more than 20 years of relationship, business and high energy coaching & training here in a compressed form. I did not want to resign myself to a bearable existence. You neither? You and a fulfilled & successfull life, you and your inner freedom, you are my concern. Your life is precious. Don`t wait longer. START NOW!

Ultimate Freedom Process

The 5 Steps Process to become free from all burdens & to live carefree



Love & Relationship

Stop arguing. Lead loving relationships. Attract the right partner. Love yourself. 

Energy Unlimited

Raise your level of energy and
consciousness in all parts of your life

Wisdom & Wealth Process

The result counts: Sow the right seeds and manifest what you really care about 

The Ultimate Freedom Process

Be Free & Shine from within

You appear to have everything and yet still something is missing. Do you lack deep inner peace, a kind of inner lightheartedness?  Do you want to radiate from within  and live the best life that you are able to live?

The question is: How can you escape the rat race of conflicts, inner doubts, false identifications, entanglements and excessive demands? How do you solve this conflict that you would like to live in complete rest and carelessness, but seem to have no influence at all? I will support you to become completely free within yourself, show you how to make your happiness independent of external circumstances, how to be happy without reason, how to feel deep basic trust and how to rest in yourself. Together we bring lightness and ease into all areas of your life.

The deep connection to your innermost being leads you out of the prisoner being in your life structures, inner and outer limitations into freedom and helps you to live your everyday life carefree.
Just as Einstein so nicely put it - that you cannot solve a problem from the level at which it was created - so too will you experience how to exit the level of problems and shift to a higher level of being. This module also offers the opportunity to understand the very nature of problems and thus to live problem-free.

You will learn how to sow the right seeds for the best and most beautiful life that you are able to live. It makes a massive difference to your life whether you simply drag yourself forwards or whether you design your relationships, your professional life, your whole life from the depths of your true nature and your own greatness. In this module, we draw the diamond out from within you.

Seminar: 25th-26th May 2019

2 days: 347 Euro
497 Euro together with your spouse


Love & Relationship

Lead loving relationships. Attract the right partner. Stop arguing & love your life.

Do the everyday arguments with your partner, your children, your neighbours or your boss cost you a lot of your energy? Would you like to have a more loving partnership or are you still looking for the right one? Would you like to know how you can get more respect, resolve conflicts, open up better, differentiate yourself or accept yourself more?

In this module you will learn how to see your needs fullfilled without a fight and how to act wisely in relationships.

You will perceive your relationships with different eyes and can heal old relationship patterns on a deep, cellular level. You won't be drawn in so quickly and will be able to maintain a healthy distance. You benefit from my experience from a 30 year long happy relationship and learn to love again unencumbered.

You experience love in a depth that can only be found in your original state. This changes your relationship to yourself and to your life. No matter if it is about love relationships, business contacts, family or friendly ties, you will learn which seeds you have to sow in order to have fulfilled relationships, to finally attract the right partner or to still feel your partnership fulfilling and as a gift after 20 years. Let love become your only reality!

Energy Unlimited

Raise your level of energy,  bring more lightness & power in your life!

In diesem Modul erfährst du, wie du voller Energie deinen Alltag bewältigen kannst, ohne dich zu erschöpfen, wie du deine Kraft in herausfordernden Situationen behältst, wie du dich leichter aus Gewohnheiten löst, die dich Energie kosten und wie du mit weniger Aufwand mehr erreichst. Du erfährst, was dich energetisiert und was dir Energie raubt. Du verbindest dich mit der Quelle aller Energie, hebst dein körperliches und geistiges Energielevel an und kannst so emotionale und gedankliche Blockaden, aus deinem Energiefeld und deinem Zellbewusstsein lösen. Die tiefe Anbindung an dein innerstes Wesen, löst innere Begrenzungen und führt dich hinaus in die Freiheit.  Und wie Einstein so schön sagte, dass du ein Problem nicht auf der Ebene lösen kannst, auf der es entstanden ist, wirst du erfahren, wie du die Problemebene verlässt und auf eine höhere Seins & Energie-Ebene wechselst. Dieses Modul beinhaltet eine energetische Vitaltherapie auf körperlicher und geistiger Ebene und die Möglichkeit das Wesen von Problemen zu verstehen und 100 % Problemfrei zu leben. Gemeinsam bringen wir mehr Leichtigkeit in alle Bereiche deines Lebens. Und da wir und alles aus Energie bestehen, wirst du ein tiefes Verständnis für Energie, ihrer natürlichen Gesetzmäßigkeiten und Wirkungsweisen bekommen.  Du trägst den Schlüssel zu mehr Energie in dir. Discover the Power of Unlimited Energy!

  • Bewältige voller Energie deinen Alltag, ohne dich zu erschöpfen,
  • Behalte in herausfordernden Situationen deine Kraft
  • Löse dich aus Gewohnheiten, die dir Energie rauben
  • Erreiche mit weniger Aufwand mehr
  • Lerne die Problemebene zu verlassen und auf eine höhere Seins/ Energie-Ebene zu wechseln
  • Bringe Leichtigkeit in alle Bereiche deines Lebens.
  • Entdecke den Schlüssel zu mehr Energie
  • Verbinde dich mit der Quelle aller Energie, erfahre eine energetische Vitaltherapie
  • Löse emotionale und gedankliche Blockaden, aus deinem Energiefeld und deinem Zellbewusstsein

The Wisdom & Wealth Process

The result counts: Sow the right seeds. Manifest what you really care about.

You know there's more to you than that, and you finally want to live it? You want to realize your visions, your heart's desires? Or are you already living them, but want to release the handbrake and put your foot down?

The fourth module supports you to form the basis for a life of abundance, to manifest your heart's desire. Due to the fact that life is more interested in our deeds than in our plans and words, this module focuses more than anything on practical application and releasing inhibitions. You will be supported to attract the right people for your projects, to achieve your goals without fighting and to be successful doing that which what is close to your heart. You will be initiated into the laws of manifestation, success and abundance and will learn how to respectively sow the right seeds.

In this intensive group, which is limited to a maximum of 15 participants, you concentrate on practice and tangible results. You benefit from the abilities of the other participants by giving you everything we can give. As soon as we bundle our energies, something much greater than what each one of us is able to create comes into being. This is all about your passion, about manifesting your visions, about visible results, about living unlimitedly.

Exclusive group of max. 15 participants

5 Tage Intensivtraining
1 ONE to ONE
3x 1 per month Skype Groucoaching

1.497 early bird 1.7.
1.697 .

"The best you can do,
is to have Barbara as your coach."

Patricia Ford,  London

Simply Wise

Your time here is limited, every moment is precious.

Would you like to live the best and the most beautiful life that you are able to live?
Do you want to live carefree, free from any burden, to be a voice and extraordinary?
Nothing changes and convinces others as much as your example. 
It is important that you live with ease and joy and share your gifts with the world. Not only for yourself, but also for a better world.

If you change yourself,
you will change the world

Barbara Voedisch

Blog: Barbara On Tour

Here you get to know people 
who support you to look at things
from a different angle,
who support you do grow,
who also contribute to
a new world through their thinking and acting:
Lateral thinkers, doers, philosophers,
well-known personalities and normal people.

Arun Gandhi
Arun Gandhi

You can make a difference!

Götz Werner
Götz Werner

Götz Werner, founder of the “dm” Europe's largest chemist / drug store chain, lateral thinker in business ethics, billionäre, about success and why companies have to serve people...

Prince Agung Oka
Prince Agung Oka

Prince Agung Oka von Bali 
Since 1675 the family of Prince Oka has lived in the Puri Anyar palace, now ten generations down the line. Ministers, ambassadors and prominent artists and actors such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Devi Sokarno, lwai Hanshiro, Rendra, Setiawan Jody and many others, have all been guests at the palace over time...

Highpriest Bali

What does the Balinese high priest Pedanda Ida Resi advises, how we find inner peace and freedom and how he became high priest? What are his tasks? Does he have a special charisma?


Financially free at 38 years of age

Here you can listen to Heike. She no longer has to work for a living. She tells us how it came to this and shares her tips with you ...


Investment Banker and Alpine Farmer

As an investment banker he moves 1.4 billion euros, as an alpine farmer 40 cows. Florian Meister talks about his life between extremes, about what really counts in life and about the gift of simplicity ...


About me

I am the author of twelve books, journalist M.A. and advise worldwide entrepreneurs, managers, well-known personalities, psychologists, doctors, coaches, alternative practitioners and many others for more than twenty years.
From childhood I remembered a carefree state of being. I always knew that this is our true nature, we just lost contact with it and became too complicated...

Read more


Here you will find everything that helps you
to live with ease,
to lead a loving relationship,
to raise your energy level, to stay young & vital,
to follow your life purpose,
unfold your talents and be wildly successful.

The most important key to wisdom
Live 100% problem-free
11 tips, how to turn envy into strength
Stress is only a thought!
Live Now. How you enjoy the present moment.
With Buddha to Success. The 10 universal & spiritual Success Principles.
7 Tips: How you live peaceful relationships
and stop arguing
6 Tips: How you attract
the right partner
6 Tips: How you accept
and love yourself
Colourful & spunky - Live your uniqueness
The most underestimated feeling
How you bring lightness into difficult phases in your life

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